Crises and natural disasters occur most often unannounced. For this reason, RK is permanently engaged in operational planning for a prompt response in such situations. 

In this framework, where there is often the need for humanitarian aid kits, we are ready to produce up to 10,000 kits daily. The kitting teams are made of expert members, often women, under supervision of our qualified team leaders, and with the use of high quality packing materials.

Our services move from an efficient management of our and our clients’ stocks, to followed by the typical supply activities to do in our facilities equipped with industrial rack systems, temperature control by insulation and ventilation, rodent and pest prevention measures, fire and flood control precautionary measures, and so on.

For easier and faster traffic control, our warehouses have wide parking spaces and loading/offloading platforms and dedicated areas.

  • Our logistic facilities are strategically within the International Humanitarian City (IHC), Dubai, UAE.    and strategically located in Damascus Industrial Area