Emergency response

RK Group has developed a dedicated mechanism for dealing with urgent requests classified as emergency to be treated as an emergency response.

immediately after the request is characterized as an emergency. Go to (in progress). Without passing through traditional processing points

  • Emergencies may take place everywhere with very different characteristics, from floods, to war, to earthquake, and many more. Aware of the need for a quick response, we keep in stock certain amounts of goods estimated to be possibly needed in emergency situations. So, we have in storage both ready kits, as required under current contractual conditions, and items that can be packed in kits, whose composition could be urgently ordered by humanitarian organizations operating in the affected areas.
  • Our high kitting capacity allows us to quickly prepare the required goods for shipping. In addition to the said arrangements, we keep in storage a sufficient amount of packing/palletizing material.
  • Finally, our freight forwarding cell constantly update the shipping plans from our warehouses to a number of areas, where statistically emergency situations can be expected, . So, we monthly update the shipping lines available on selected routes, including transport and customs formality costs, as well as the freight forwarding companies able to receive the shipments.  

To minimize the transport time, we shall consider the following shipping options:

  • Multimodal transport: Sea/Air, Land/Air, Sea/Land, etc.
  • Airfreight: Express airfreight, Chartering.
  • Land freight: 2 drivers each vehicle.