AlTebni School in Deir Ezzor Governorate

No. of beneficiaries:6600 student

Project Description

The building consists of four Building Blocks

  • East Building / 1 / one floor contains 6 classrooms and administration in need of renovation
  • The South Block / 2 / is a single floor for the operator where there is minor structural damage in maintenance and needs renovation
  • West Block / 3 / single storey with 6 classrooms and has structural damage from the rear
  • West Block / 4 / one floor with 7 classrooms and contains structural damage from the front and in the guard room
  • The main building has 3 health services and does not have any kitchen
  • The built-up area of the school is about 966 m2, and the area of the Health Services Block is about 64 m2.