groundwater wells and their main irrigation pipelines of J Km length in Mheen village East Homs

  • No. of beneficiaries:180 HH
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  • works including…

1-. Rehabilitation four groundwater wells (named: MH I, MH2, MH3 and MOR2 I). The work includes the well construction and the electrical and mechanical equipment.

  • Depth of MH I, MH2 and MH3: 90 m
  • Depth ofMOR2I: 150 m

Total max discharge is 51.6 1/s and needed discharge according to the irrigation schedule is 35 1/s allowing 16.6 1/s as alternative during maintenance.

2-Supply and install an electrical transformer capacity of I 00 KV A and low voltage control panel with all fittings/accessories

3-Rehabilitation of the irrigation center and the operation building (200m2), the main irrigation network between the groundwater wells (galvanized iron pipelines: I 000111, D: 5 and 6 inches), the main water reservoir (32m3) and the main water intake for field irrigation network.