Ein Al Qusair irrigation project, Mahin Well, Homs – Syria

  • No. of beneficiaries…

The irrigation system supply water to irrigate 20 to 40 Ha (14 Ha drip irrigation, and 24 open canals –gravity irrigation)Strengthening agricultural productivity and farmers livelihoods and stability in Homs -Ein Al Qusair village through rehabilitating the damaged irrigation system.

  • Project Description..
  • . The targeted area is 38 ha with 500 HH to benefit from the project
  • Objective Strengthening agricultural productivity and farmers. Direct and indirect beneficiaries Direct: 150HH and indirect 50 HH in addition to about 100 sheep shepherds

the work includes..

  • Digging a new well located a few meters to the existing one, ±500 m depth, providing and installing a submersible pump,
  • Check and maintenance of the existing concrete water tank,
  • Rehabilitation of the head unit including irrigation pump and filtration system and all related accessories,
  • Maintenance of the existing control room,
  • Supply and install a management room,
  • Supply and install solar System to operate the submersible and horizontal pumps,
  • Replacement and maintenance of damaged pipes,
  • Implementation of eight drip irrigation systems,
  • Supply, install and test diesel generator.