Supply & Delivery of Sodium Hypochlorite

Quantity Delivered 2,352 Ton Based on our role in humanitarian assistance and our desire to mitigate the impact of this disease, we helped in the response to this disease by supplying & distributing Sodium Hypochlorite, which is used to purify drinking water, especially in the remote areas where the water resources are not sufficient.

Supply and delivery of Protection and Dignity Kits:

This project contains supplying and delivery of various types of kits such as… , Sanitary napkins, Female Underwear-set of 2 piece, Shampoo, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Antiseptic Hand Soap, Towel, Socks, Fleece Blanket, Winter Hair Scarf, Nail clipper, Small Sewing kit, Wet Wipes, Flashlight Solar Powered, Bra, Gloves, Long dress (Abaya), Female Tights, Female Winter Knitted Jacket, […]

Supply & Delivery of Non-Food Items

supplying and delivery of Family, Girls, Boys Hygiene kits. Soap, Washing Powder, Dishwashing Liquid, Hair Shampoo, Waste Bags, Sanitary Napkins, Reusable Gloves, Chlorine, Washing Sponge, Cotton Masks, Plastic Buckets.

Supply & Delivery of Hygiene Kits for Men, Women and Children

supplying and delivery of various Hygienic items, to, soap bars, dish washing liquid, washing powder, Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Shampoo, Bath Towel, body sponge, Anti Lice Shampoo, Heavy duty plastic bag, Baby toothpaste  , Baby toothbrush, Baby Powder. Supply & Delivery of Hygienic Kits: This project was in response to the unforeseen spreading of Cholera disease […]


No. of Delivered Items: Approx. 300,000 items No. of Beneficiaries: 200,000 Students Supplying and Delivery of Various stationery, such as Pens, Eraser, Sharpener, Adhesive tape, etc…..