An alternative power solution for a wheat mill

Aim of project:

The purpose of this study was to evaluate electrical power usage of a wheat mill with a detailed assessment of electrical motors and equipment to conclude a full transition to off-grid solar power with the most applicable efficiency.

Project description:

The study was performed on (Al-Alamieh) wheat mill located in Tartus; . The annual electric power consumption was about 5720 MWh/year.

Detailed inspection of the mill electrical system

  • Thermography Inspection of electric motors.
  • Electrical motor loads measurement.

Inspection and test results analysis

  • Detailed assessment of the mill electrical system.
  • Evaluation of electrical motors and devices.

Design of solar power system

  • Technical study of solar panels, determination of required specifications and recommendation of suitable brands and specs.
  • Technical study of electrical components including inverters, cables and chargers.
  • Technical study of panels mounting structure based on wind loads, stability and permanency conditions were checked.
  • Economical study and evaluation.


The study concluded in full transition to a solar power system, with recommendations in production process management to increase efficiency, the suggested system cost was guaranteed to be fully recovered in 5 years with conjugate zero electric bills.